Brazilian Eco-Chefs To Host Global Fair Trade Week Opening Cocktail

It’s official, 20 top Brazilian chefs in Rio de Janeiro will treat guests with ethical cuisine during the opening cocktail of the Global Fair Trade Week at ‘O Navegador,’ Rio’s high-end, ethical restaurant on 27 May 2013. EcoChefs Maniva recently inked with organizers to host the opening of the weeklong Fair Trade event, which will run from 26 to 31 May 2013. See program here


The Global Fair Trade Week is organized by World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) and its regional chapter WFTO Latin America, Faces do Brasil, SENAES (Brazilian government’s paltform for solidairty economy), SEBRAE (Brazilian agency for micro and small enterprises), Parceria Social (Brazilian Fair Trade platform), Instituto Marista and Instituto Maniva. 


Major Fair Trade actors are expected to attend the weeklong celebration in Brazil’s booming city, Rio de Janeiro. This is the largest gathering of Fair Trade Organizations and its networks and solidarity economy initiatives and its networks. Brazilian Federal authorities, Rio Town Hall Officials, academe and businesses from around the world are also expected to attend. 


Using their culinary powers, the Ecochefs of Rio de Janeiro are cookingfor social change.    

Photo: Adriana Loreti 


Ecochefs is a project of Instituto Maniva. Using Brazilian culinary art, top chefs of Rio de Janeiro formed a network of conscious chefs to promote Brazilian culinary identity giving high respect to the food chain, from farm to the table. The network promotes ethical cuisine, environmental awareness and social change through cooking. 


Ana Asti, board member and Latin American representative to the WFTO Board, says there will be parallel events during the entire Fair Trade Week celebration like the Maniva Gastronomy Week, the International Fair Trade Fair in Copacabana, as well as seminars on related issues, which include business rounds. 


According to the Institute Maniva’s Events Committee, the cocktail at “O Navegador” restaurant will be held in a casual atmosphere along with an exhibition of Fair Trade products. Selected by ten participating Ecochefs, the ingredients are: pink peppercorns, pequi cream, brazilian nuts, baru nuts, organic coffee, goat cheese, and tapioca. These are all sourced from local small farmers, particularly from the network Organic Farming Association (ABIO) of Rio de Janeiro. 


The menu consists of: Goat Bruschetta with marinated zucchini on brown bread with dried persimmon and baru nuts, Cassava chips with pickled west Indian gherkins, hibiscus and arugula sprouts, water yam pie with chicken and pequi filling, Fish flour tray and cassava grated on schinus, Red rice and Azuki beans Baião de Dois and Badaró west Indian gherkins. The guests will also be treated with the taste of sweet tapioca from the serving stations. 


Ecochef Marcel Scofano said guests will be treated with delicious food and drinks during the opening. He expects to serve guests from the production chain, from producers to buyers, representatives of organizations and consumers who will be present at the opening. 


Maniva Institute mission is to promote not only the Brazilian food inheritance and excellence but also the country’s agricultural biodiversity. The institute aims to articulate sustainably the tightening of the production chain by enlightening producers and consumers and bringing them closer. The Ecochefs of Maniva are part of the directing board of the Institute. They are: Ana Carolina Portella, Ana Maria Pedrosa, Ana Ribeiro, Ana Salles, Bia Lopes, Ciça Roxo, Claude Troisgros, Claudio Lourenço, Flávia Quaresma, Frederic De Maeyer, Jan Santos, Joca Mesquita, Kátia Barbosa, Leonardo Araújo, Marcelo Scofano, Osvaldo Gorski, Pedro Artagão, Rafael Costa e Silva, Teresa Corção and Thomas Troisgros. 


News about the Maniva Gastronomy will be announced soon. 


For more information, contact the Brazilian Communication Agency: 


Interação Rede de Comunicação 

Andréa Fantoni (21) 2246-0552 / 9111-3328 

Isabel Sena (21) 2246-0552 / 9511-3328


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